Writer's Collective Workshops shall be about the whole idea of transferring your amazing stories from your head to the printed form.

You have the stories in your head and cannot transform them into plausible stories, attend our workshops and get them right.


Like, for example, you wish to write about a Dhoni inning, something that you had seen at a ground on a certain day some eight years back among the teeming crowds in Chinnaswamy Stadium at Chennai. Let us help you at our workshops. Unlock that wonderful story!


Or the day when you walked the steps to a stage the first time and faced the arc lights. And you want to write that story down for your daughter and her daughter to read about your Kuchipudi performance, that evening, in Pune. Unlock that wonderful story!


Our workshops help you,


Unlock memories, great stories. 


And maybe a way to make a lot of money.




Dates and timings shall be announced here. Do keep a track and use our payment portal to pay and enroll in the workshops.