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What has this Pandemic done to our kids?

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

What has this pandemic done to our kids?

I often think about this when I see my own kids moving around cluelessly from one room to another. At times quite helplessly looking at us for some company. And then standing in the balcony, clutching the railing and looking outside. Probably reminiscing those days. And hoping that they get there sooner.

A few kids in my apartment have their own ways of dealing with this. Two friends, shout and talk from their balconies..

Hey dude!

Ya tell.

What are you doing?

Drinking milk.

Why are you talking so slowly, I can’t hear.

My father is on call. Can’t shout.

And then they discuss their day. Almost climbing up and down the railings. Even discussing the sabji that mom made yesterday was not good. And the teacher has given a lot of homework. And the lego broke even before he could make it well. And the Beyblade episode was interesting.

Boy sometimes sits with his head phones and speaks to a few of his friends. Daughter does some video calls and chats with her group. And then these two spend time with each other. Even fighting and screaming at each other is also a way of passing the time!

How life has suddenly changed for these kids, just imagine.

One fine day, they came back from play, and around eight in the night, some five months back they were told, you are locked down at your homes. That’s that. Even if some ventured out with masks and maintaining some distance, it’s far from the life they led. Horrendous!

But they all adjusted. Chipping in the home chores in their little ways. Putting the clothes to dry. Clean their own glass and plate. A bit of dusting. Some folding of clothes. Making some dishes. In a way, ensuring that they do their bit. Staying home. Keeping calm and moving on. And then finding their little own ways to deal with this unprecedented life. Studying. Playing. Watching TV. Hopping. Skipping. Singing. Dancing. Making. Unmaking. In the confines of these four walls.

It is far more difficult for them than we as adults can even perceive.

And then I heard that someone has spanked a child with a scale for not completing the homework.

I cringed!

-Maitabi Banerjee

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