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The Furniture Man - A tiny Tale

“Pyaar do, Pyaar Lo”, so sang the man as he lurched up the staircase that evening. He had somehow made it back home in his car. He had not been able to open his garage and the durwan wasn’t around for some reason. So, he had left the car in the driveway between the road and the doorway to the mansion.

The mansion was an old one with those hand operated grills in the lift. It was out of order for the past week. He had to walk up the large wooden stairs that spiraled around the staircase. To the second floor where he lived. Large residences. Only two to a floor. This was a property that he had got from his father when the old man decided to divide the properties between his sons. Of course, the old man was still around living in some bungalow in Ballygunge. The man rarely went over. He lived here on Elgin Road.

His breathless voice shifted scales unevenly as he climbed the stairs and the song came out in a hoarse whisper. An onlooker would say that the wheezing man would have a heart attack any moment now.

The man owned a furniture store on Park Street.

Not much to do there. His manager kept track of everything at the store. An old person who had given his life to the store. The man went in 11 am every day and came back home for lunch at 1.30 pm and that was that. He ate and slept and, in the evenings, went off to the club for his booze and friends.

Here he was, now, pulling out his keys from his pockets to open the door. The door opened after some efforts and he entered.

Usually the living room would be lit with some lamps so that he could make his way through it to the bedrooms on the far side. But not today. Today, the room was totally dark. He fumbled for the switch. A lamp lit up.

He called out, “Shweta”!

A muffled voice came from within the master bedroom, “Haan”.

He went in and there she hung from the ceiling.

Till this day, in the institution, his wife Shweta speaks to him with a rope tied to her neck and her tongue sticking out.


Image Courtesy - Pinterest - Indraneel Majumdar

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