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Mahalaya - The beginning!

I am remembering the humble radio that my Baba had bought to hear one Cricket World Cup commentary. Which later became a source of all our entertainments. My foray to music with Maa, was this brown and black radio. News. Sports. Plays. Binaca Geetmala...etc etc. That box, trust me, looked quite regal with its black and white nobs and a golden light inside. A dear friend, when nothing much was around in a quiet defense estate.

And then Mahalaya. At five in the morning. The piercing voice of this gentleman called Birendra Kishana Bhadra. Unparalleled. There hasn't been a second voice who could impact the audience the way he did. Since several years, Mahalaya has become synonymous to Birendra Kishana Bhadra. And so very deservingly.

Mahalaya, a day when it is said that Maa Durga begins her journey to the earth from Kailash, where she stays with her family. It is also the day when our ancestors are remembered through rituals, and we usher what is called 'Devi Pakhya'.

Mahalaya comes every year. This year, though, the words sound far deeper. May be our collective ethos. Collective chaos.

Jago...tumi jaa.....go.... never felt so true!!

- Maitabi Banerjee

Image Courtsey- Prax Basu

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