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Gunjan Saxena- A Review

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

After a really long time I watched something that is so heartwarming as well as inspiring.

If this flick is about a woman making into a man’s world, it’s also about an endearing relationship between a father and a daughter. The father, who takes the daughter under his wings, nurtures, cares, inspires, guides and then makes her fly high.

A little girl wants to fly. Brother fobs her off saying it isn’t for girls. The father comes and supports her dream. She grows up. Enters the male world. The father knows it all. He himself is an Army man. But he stays quiet. Let’s the daughter find her way. Let's her battle out the odds, yet silently ensuring that he is there. Even in his silences, he is there. And she knows.

There is something about Janhnvi Kapoor that I like.

As Gunjan, she effortlessly aces the conflict that is there within her. The conflict of ‘I want to do this earnestly, yet I am not sure how I would sail through’. The rough egoist masculine world Vs the aspirations of a young girl who wants to pierce through them and make a mark. The contrast of a soft and tender girl with fierce dreams, in the male world is something to look for. Janhvi Kapoor Holds it tight.

That scene when she calls and tells her father- “Mein apko harne nahi dungi Papa.” And those stillfle sobs. Telling eyes. And a confident stance of an Air force officer.

There are many such. And many that would be etched in your mind.

Pankaj Tripathi.

I am unable to say anything about him, really. He doesn't act. He just allows himself to blend with what the script demands. Effortless. Natural. Just so relatable. Tripathi lends a formidable support to his on screen daughter, quite literally. A man knowing fully the economy of the man’s world, and yet letting his only daughter drive through those wretched allies. The dilemmas of a father. Oh, those silent lips and talking eyes.

Those smiles. The laughter. The moist eyes. The untold words. The kind and compassionate man who dares something that others shudder even at the thought of.

Gunjan Saxena has everything that makes a good movie. A tight screenplay. A host of good actors including the mother, brother and the entire Air Force squad. Measured humour that would actually make you laugh. Soothing music that works like an acquired taste. Beautiful visuals. All coupled with a tight editing.

Gunjan Saxena is worth a watch.

Did I mention the song by Rekha Bharadwaj?

Leaving you with- ‘Dori Tutt Gaiyaan’!

-Maitabi Banerjee

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