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Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare

Assertiveness just sits pat in Greater Noida.

Dolly ( Konkona Sen Sharma) is a married woman who is many things together. A mom, a wife, an accounts section employee in a company, a small-time scamster, and a dreamer.

Kitty or Kajal (Bhumi Pednekar) is Dolly's cousin sister. She isn't doing much. So, she becomes a dreamer. And then a doer. Mostly of things that her parents would never approve.

A scene tells us Dolly is frigid. Yet another tells us that she is hitting on her department's petty cash for money. That's for the flat in a new complex that they all covet. Yet another scene tells us that she is angry with her son's playing with toys and make-up. Suddenly, we have too many angles in one story.

Kitty, who comes to stay with Dolly, does not fancy staying with family and wants to move away to her own space. Yet reading the Chalisa is a habit. Very quickly, she befriends a girl who wants her to live it up. She takes to beer and cigarettes, the ultimate goal in a bad girl's world, we are to believe. And in the day, she is found working in a sex chat centre. Her voice name Kitty must use her guile and sell products over the net as people jack off to her voice. And the women in there try and believe that they are helping lonely men out there.

Here and now, don't you think the director Alankrita Shrivastava has taken on more than can be chewed?

And then the list adds up more. Gender differences (office colleague expects Dolly to make tea for the office). Religious angst ( a leader with tilak and all). Sexual awakening (Kitty and a couple of men). There are many more issues that appear and go into the blender.

The blender sputters.

The story takes a backseat.

Alankrita tries hard to bring it back together at the end. But even the wins have palled.

Konkona is jaded. We could think of five more better ways that she could have approached this role of Dolly. She came very mechanically, reminding us of Priyanka Chopra. Bhumi isn't jaded. But somehow she's restrained. Not free-flowing like a few other films of hers. And if the two lead actors tend to talk through a lollipop the whole movie, we will have a problem.

And there's this obsession with stars in the film. Everyone is giving stars for performance or deliveries or something. Means something but not enough to obsess with it. Lastly, it was five stars on a grave. Ooh!

The premise was good. It could have been a much better film.

Music, screenplay, cinematography, sound design, and even costumes leave much to be desired.

There's a reason all these films land on streaming video.

We know it now.

- Indraneel Majumdar

Streaming: Netflix

Director: Alankrita Shrivastava

Actors: Konkona Sen Sharma, Bhumi Pedneker, Vikrant Massey

Production: Balaji Motion Pictures.

Rating: ** Stars

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