Indraneel Majumdar

Co- Founder

Indraneel Majumdar discovered he could write pretty early but true to a Bengali legacy of laidback life, did nothing about it till he was well past his years with only black hair. In 2013, he produced a book on Kindle, The Colluders: Three women and a man. It sold enough for him to go on an overdrive, writing posts, blogs and wherever else he could find a
space to write. His posts on Facebook became a ritual every morning. And was taken and appreciated well. He created an audience for himself. With that he became an author of short stories, short plays, novels, and long thrillers. 

He also has his articles published in,, and some niche print magazines. 
Currently Indraneel is the Business Head of Sarath City Capital Mall in Hyderabad.  And is the co-founder and creative head of Writer’s Collective, his dream publishing venture.  Indraneel mentors upcoming writers and is currently working on his third book.