Mesmerizing Tale of Aashi

Wow... very good read. Flow of story is fast & interesting. Each and every aspect of story is narrated so well as if I am watching a live movie. 


The thoughts were penned effortlessly.The language is simple and could relate to the protagonist.That is the USP of a good writer.

Aashi, by Maitabi Banerjee

"Aashi" is mesmerizing with its narrative techniques. It's a 'visual fiction ', if I can use that phrase. A truly engaging page-turner. Every word is suffused with universal human feelings and emotions.

The 7 am Chronicles

Time travel with a kaleidoscope

Once in a while you get a book that transports you to your childhood. 7 am chronicles is that and more. 

An insight into the life of ordinary Indians

This collection of short essays and musings has been labelled as ‘a collection of breezy satires’. But it is much more. 

A Must Read!

All the satire based stories are very well written and all the minute details are well thought and researched.

It's Different!

Here is a book you pick and just open any page to tempt fate - but delivers perfectly story after story - breezily. Lucid and easy, yet thought provoking and deep.

A Book you can connect with.

The book has snippets/ short stories or a lot of sattire which would make you smile while you read each page. Also, being busy in life you don't need to dig deep to continue finish stories.

The 7 am Chronicles- Book Review

Strorizen Magazine

Every piece will beget you to take a moment's pause before proceeding and reflect on the looking glass that you use to view this world and determine your thoughts and actions.

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